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Acoustic panel screw clip - by WallTune

Acoustic panel screw clip - by WallTune

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Introducing the WallTune Aku Panel Picture Hook – the perfect accessory for your acoustic panels or wood slat walls. Imagine effortlessly hanging a tray or other items on your acoustic panels without leaving a single mark. Our items are designed for universal compatibility with all types of acoustic panels, ensuring a seamless fit for your specific setup. Installation is a breeze – simply twist them in to secure and twist out to move. No damage, no hassle. If you have any questions or need guidance, don't hesitate to reach out. Make the most of your acoustic panels with the Aku screw clip by WallTune.

📏 -- Specifications: --

Material: PLA
Color: black
Wide: 13mm
Height: 1.4 cm
Depth: 7 mm
Strength: They are rated up to 2 kg or 4.4 pound.

🛠️ -- Installation --

Just insert between the wood slats and turn 90 degrees by hand with a flathead (phillips) screw driver. Insert your own screw according to your requirements. Its solid enough to hang up to 2 kg or 4.4 pound.
Do not use a machine screw driver. This clip is designed to be used to hang a tray or other item that van be "clamped" with a screw.

If you want to hang a picture frame then you need to buy:

🖨️ 📦 --Production and packaging--

The product is created using a 3d printing method using high quality printers. I do quality control on every item. With regards to packaging i try to re-use what boxes i have where possible in order to reduce impact on the environment.

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