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Acoustic panel hook - Coat rack - Twist & Go - horizontal

Acoustic panel hook - Coat rack - Twist & Go - horizontal

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Enhance your acoustic panels with the sleek and functional Aku Panel Design Hook by WallTune. This meticulously crafted hook is the ideal complement to your AKU (acoustic) panel, offering a custom design that seamlessly integrates with popular brands such as WoodUpp, Hori, Nordic, Fibrotech, Bauhaus, Hornbach, and Obi.

For those with CanDo (Praxis), Silentlines (Gamma), or similar acoustic panel brands, simply specify your brand in the personalization section. If no specific details are provided, we will tailor your hook to fit the standard dimensions of 13mm in width and 12-13mm in height wood slats.

Elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your acoustic panels with WallTune's Aku Panel Design Hook – the perfect blend of style and utility.

📏 -- Specifications: --

Material: PLA
Color: Selectable
Wide: 13mm
Height: 3-4cm
Depth: 13mm
Strength: Properly installed, they can hold more than 4 adult winter coats.
If you choose te "glue" option, you will receive a variant without the screw hole. (as seen in the pictures)

🛠️ -- Installation --

Just insert and turn 90 degrees. Its solid enough to hang a 5 coats on a single hook. If you want to secure it even more you can just put a drop of superglue on the 'wings' but for normal coats its not needed.

🖨️ 📦 --Production and packaging--

The product is created using a 3d printing method using high quality printers. I do quality control on every item. With regards to packaging i try to re-use what boxes i have where possible in order to reduce impact on the environment.

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